Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sign-Up Genius

I sent out 2 emails today from signUpGenius.com. These emails are not spam! Please open them and follow the links to the corresponding SignUp. One reason I like using this format is that it'll email you 2 days before your time.  If you need help, follow the link below.

You can search my sign ups with my school email: margaret.gustafson@cobbk12.org

The first one is for our conference sign ups. I've listed the times I'm able and or willing to meet.  Each meeting will last 20 minutes.

The 2nd signup is the morning volunteer oportuntities in our classroom or with our kids in the Media Center. Thanks for your time.
http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e084baeae2ea20-volunteer .

Friday, September 19, 2014

Fall Break is Ending

I hope you've had a great week to relax and refresh your minds. We will be getting right into the curriculm and moving at a little quicker/more appropriate pace. 

Monday, please make sure the kids are fed a healthy breakfast (either at home or at school) so that their brains have the fuel it needs to work correctly. We'll all need to be awake and alert so that the work we do is quality work, done with our best effort. (Notice I said "we'll" and "our" this means me too!) Please review the expectations for behavior a couple times before Monday. 

Things to keep "fresh" in the kids' minds-
1. Remove AR books from backpack in morning & pack a book in backpack at dismissal each day. 
2. The students are older now. They need to take responsibility for their work, their actions, theirselves, and their supplies.
3. Effort is always more important than natural skill. 
4. (New) Laughing at other's mistakes is unacceptable, instead encourage and offer to help when a friend is uncertain. 

Class rule: I will try my best in everything I do. 

Update on supplies needed for class:
1. We have plenty of Sticky Notes. Thanks to all who sent some in. 

2. iTunes audio books have been purchased. They will begin to use the iPods this week. Any future gifts of iTunes cards would be appreciated, we'd love to add to our book list!

3. Cushions- I caved a few weeks ago and bought 3 new cushions myself when I saw them on sale for $11. You can't beat $11! 

If you haven't noticed, I am used to buying what is needed. Its taken me 17 years to even offer a list parents can help with! Lol. 

Volunteer needs-
1. Someone who can commit to making copies during the school day on Thursdays or Fridays each week. I have been staying at school until 8 the past few fridays to get copies made for the following week's classwork and homework packets. I should be at the gym by 5:30 for my water aerobics class. 

2. Room Parent- I realized this week I don't have anyone that is the Room Mom/dad that can help keep communication between all of you. Someone who can organize class parties and help me when I need a parent's veiwpoint. 

3. Morning Volunteers for Media Center Rotations. M-TH. 9:45-11:15 it would be really nice to have different parents pick a day in which they can engage with the kids while they are in the Media Center checking out books that are appropriate for each child. Some of you may have noticed your son or daughter bringing home books that are too hard or too easy. This usually happens when they are in the Media Center with guidance. They have the opportunity to go to the library in groups of 5 during Literacy Centers, since I am monitoring the other 20 students and teaching guided reading, I have limited chances of reviewing their selections.

I am thinking of using sign-upgenius.com or trying out a new resource called volunteerspor.com. If you get an email from either company it's from me, please do not delete it! 

Parent-Teacher Conferences are 1 month away! I do use sign-up genius for that! So be on the look out for that link! Everyone gets a 20 minute meeting with me. It's up to you if you want your child there. It's a first come first serve kinda deal. I tell you what times I'm available for meetings. You click on the time you want and no one else can take it. 

Thanks for your time and support:

PS- there is a Math workshop this Thursday. Meeting starts in the Media Center, then breaks out into geade level sessions. I will be teaching the 2nd Grade breakout session. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

iPad games

With the new iPad I have, I am searching some apps that will help the kids grow in their knowledge to support the standards that we have. There are apps for programs that the school uses such as IXL.com, and AR, and the program that I purchased Spellingcity.com. Today, I've found a few that I've  downloaded they are the Reading Rainbow app, the Geoboard app and Splash Math. The first 2 are free. Splash Math starts free and has grade 1-5. You have to pay for continued use of the Splash Math and can pick and choose which grades to buy. If your child is struggling with our current curriculum, working on the first grade set might help them to catch up or refresh their memories from last year.  The free part only allows you to do 20 questions a day. However, from what I can tell it fits exactly what we are learning in class, and is perfectly aligned to the common core. As I learn more, I will share them  with you. If you know of some great apps, please share them with us!

Happy break!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

iPods now have audio books for kids use in the classroom!

WOW! I am so blessed by the generosity of the families in our classroom. On the last post, I had mentioned that the Salley's and the Holme's families had donated iTunes gift cards and since then, Craig's family and Maya's families also sent in gift cards to get the listening centers started!  After some complications with apple, I am excited to say that I have purchased the following books:
1.           Bad Case of Stripes
2.           Bear’s Loose Tooth
3.           Bear’s New Friend
4.           Emeraldlicious
5.           Goldilicious
6.           The Gym Teacher from the Black Lagoon
7.           Honey… Honey… Lion!!
8.           Junie B. Jones Smelly Bus
9.           Junie B Jones Monkey Business
10.     Magic Tree House Dinosaur’s at Day Break
11.     Magic Tree House the Knight at Dawn
12.     Miss Nelson is Missing
13.     The Napping House
14.     Pinkalicious
15.     Purplicious
16.     Silverlicious
17.     Sloppy Joe
18.     The teacher from the Black Lagoon
19.     Three Snow Bears

20.     The Very Hungry Caterpillar

All of these books are on my wishlist, and I went through it again to find the books that are well liked by the kids and not very expensive.  Many of them were 1.95. the Junie B. Jones and Magic Tree House books came as a set for 11.95 each!  the kids and I are so blessed to have this technology in the classroom. 

Also, on the other post, I had asked for sticky notes for the students use, and wanted to say thank you to the Irving family and Anderson family for donating those extra supplies! I know I had asked for more cushions for the kids to use during reading time, but saw them ON SALE at Target and picked up 3 new cushions! The kids love them, maybe you saw them last night when the kids stretched out to read on them. I would definitely say that the kids are feeling right at home in the classroom! 

Thanks again for your support of me and the children!
Ms G.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Getting it together!

I am so happy to say that we are finally getting through the main academic lessons planned for each day now! Its taken a long time to get there, and we still have a few "glitches" to work out but I'm beginning to "see the light!"

Thanks for all your help and support. Especially Zion's family for the ITunes card and Daniel's family for an ITunes card and his mom volunteering last week in the classroom! 
I can't wait to meet you all again in person next week at Open House on Tuesday, September 9th. Please 1st go to the cafeteria at 6:15. Dr Simmons-Deveaux will welcome you and introduce the PTA officers, explain how the evening works, then dismiss you to come to the classroom at 6:30ish. 
See you then! 

Things to keep "fresh" in the kids' minds-
1. Remove/pack AR books each day. 
2. They are older and need to take responsibility for their work, their self, and their supplies.
3. Effort is always more noticeable and rewarded than natural skill. 

Class rule: I will try my best!

Ways to help-
1. We need 25 sets of 3" x 3" sticky notes (1 per student)

2.iTunes gift cards will help me buy audio books for our listening center ipods.

3. If you know any one looking to make donations/tax write-offs/difference in a child's daily life turn them onto our www.donorschoose.com/mollygustafson projects.

Peace and love families