Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cobb County Safety Village

Last week we had a visit from a Cobb County Police Officer and a Fireman. They told us all about the Safety Village. Then they gave us homework!

When we got to the Safety Village, they split us up into 2 groups. Miss G had 13 kids and Mrs. Neal had 13 kids. Some of the pictures below are of Miss G's Group. Mrs. Neal's Pictures will come soon!
Thanks Cobb County Safety Village we had a great time on our 1st Field Trip!

Reading with Stamina!

One of the things we have really been working on is Reading with Stamina. The first few days we made it 40 seconds. LOL! Now we do such a better job! we can read up to 20 minutes with out distractions. Ms Neal was not sure what I was working towards, but now its pretty awesome to see how well they do.

Here are some random shots of us at work!

Monday, August 19, 2013

9 days in, already?

Just a few reminders or tips...

1. We are only 9 days in, last weeks spelling list was a practice week and I was pleased by how well the kids handled "test day"! 

2. Each week the FastFacts will change. Goal is to know all single digit addition facts by memory. Which 2nd grade has decided that that rate is 90 correct in 5 minutes. 

3. We are still really working on routines, AR will begiin this week. But please use technology options too, www.spellingcity.com, www.raz-kids.com, and www.ixl.com.  I'll let you know when FASTFACTS is up and working. 

4. It is our school policy to send graded work home every two weeks. My goal is to start sending that home next Monday with last and this weeks spelling, AR Reports and FastFacts quizzes. Writing takes longer so that will be included as writing pieces are finished. 

5. Guided instruction begins soon. The kids have been practicing center Rotations so I can better provide small group ability based instruction. Spelling words are not ability based. They are 2nd grade appropriate words from our Words their Way curriculm, and occasionally I'll add some social studies or science content words as appropriate. 

 Thanks for your support. 
Ms G

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

1st Day is Over!

I am happy to report that we made it through the 1st day! WooHoo! A couple things...

1. Girls NEED shorts under their skirts and dresses. We sit criss-cross on the floor, play outside and do exercises when it rains. 

2. No longer on the color behavior system... kids get a stamp or happy face in their agenda then they had a good day. If they get multiple warnings, then there will be a note instead. 

3. I have car rider duty this month, if kids leave their lunch boxes or supplies in the classroom they will not be allowed back in room to get them! Today many of the kids did not get them when I asked. Starting tomorrow the door will be locked! 

4. No sandals/crocs/flip-flops/boots on Thursdays and Fridays as those are our PE days. 

Thanks for a great day today! i don't know about the kids but I am ready for bed already!