Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Some info to share!

Well, our nice long break is over! Teachers were back at work today and I can't wait for the kids to be back tomorrow.

1.  I sent everyone who has given me their emails a linkm to sign up for conferences. Please go to http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30E084BAEAE2EA20-20132014  to sign up for one of the remaining times for your conference.  I will not be doing any conferences before school. I live in Kennesaw and its just too much to get to school before 7.  I do not take timeout of my instructional day 7:15-12:15 for conferences, as that is why the county has already shortened the school day. This site will show you the times that I am willing to stay late, so please pick accordingly.

2.  Tomorrow we will have a different structure to our day. For tomorrow only, we will be rotating with the other 2nd grade classes fulfilling our Georgia Performance Standards part of the Common Core for "CCRPI" the College and Career Readiness Programs and Instructions.  (I hope I got the letters Right!) the students will be spending 30 minutes with each of the other teachers. Hopefully they'll enjoy this unique opportunity and behave well too! Be sure to ask the kids questions about it when they get home. TARGET kids will go to Target classes on Friday this week.

3.  Also, look for a homework packet tomorrow. I am sending one home, even though I did not originally plan too. The spelling words are for next week's test and lessons. Yellow folders will be sent back home on Monday. Spelling City will be up and ready!

4.  Please return the Red bi-Weekly Graded Work folders tomorrow!

5.  Book reports are due the 16th!

6. Early Release and Conference week October 21-25

7. Sorry about the blurry pictures, my favorite Camera has refused to work and I have been using my cell phone.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Properties of Matter projects

Tuesday we shared some great family projects! The kids were so proud of the work they did. Here are the pictures from Tuesday! 

 We are waiting for a few more to be turned in! Can't wait to see what their posters look like!😃 

Thanks parents for supporting your students and I look forward to our next project... Book Reports (you choose the format!) October 15th and Dressing up as Favorite Book Character on the 31st! Book Report requirements and possible Formats are on back of Green Family Project sheet. Helpful Hint- Some parents have gotten Book Report ideas from Pinterest in the past.