Friday, January 12, 2018

Let’s Plant the Seeds for Lifelong Learning!

Hi all,
So many of you have asked me how my class is doing this year. Thank you! I've created a classroom project request on to give you a glimpse into what we're tackling right now, so we’ll have the supplies in the spring:
The first seven days are key to my project's success. If you know of someone who can help us financially, please let them know about You may be surprised that  any amount helps! If you donate, you'll receive updates and photos of this project in action and my students' sincere gratitude. If you are unable to donate, you can still go back to the link and see the photos and get updates!  I can almost hear the chorus of thank-yous from my kids already!
Hope all is well,
Molly G-werner
P.S. If you know anyone who might be interested in supporting public schools, please feel pass this message along and they can choose from thousands of other projects to support. Even helping someone else, helps all of us. Children all over this nation will one day be our leaders, let’s start supporting them now! 

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Cobb Library teams up with Cobb School District

Cobb County Schools has officially partnered with Cobb County Public Library, sharing their online resources with our students (Library PASS).  As of now, all CCSD students have access to the CCPL’s databases. 

To access Library PASS:   Cobb Digital Library/MackinVia > Databases >  Cobb County Public Library System > Open Now > Elementary School > Choose from Language Arts/Reading/Literature, Science/Math/Technology or Social Studies/History > Choose from a list of live links (see below) > Some links will ask for the student’s library card number and pin (The library card number is the student’s CCSD student number and the pin is their birth month and day.  Example:  The birthdate July 10th  would be input  0710.  Then click Login.)

Students may also access the CCPL databases by keying in the following URL on the internet:  

Language Arts and Literature
§  Bookflix
§  OverDrive
§  OverDrive
Social Studies and History
§  OverDrive

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Welcome to our new classmate.

Moms, Dads, Grandmas, Grandpas, and Aunties,

We are excited to welcome Onalee to our classroom! We now have 17 friends in all 9 girls and 8 boys! I hope that she gets to know your sweet children and has lots of friends soon!

New Year = New Schedule!!

Parents our new schedule will show up in binders tomorrow. Easier to read on a computer!! This is what they look like:

7:15-7:50               Students arrive/AR Quizzes/Morning Work/Restroom
7:50-8:00            Morning Announcements/Pledges/Finish Morning Work
8:00-8:20            Writing Focus  Lesson             
8:20-8:40            Independent Writing
8:40-8:50               Share Writing                   
8:50-8:55            Restroom Break/Clean up/Get ready for Literacy Stations
8:55-9:10                Mini Lesson
9:10-9:30             Daily 4 Literacy Stations (Round 1)         
9:30-9:50           Daily 4 Literacy Stations (Round 2)
9:50-10:10           Daily 4 Literacy Stations (Round 3)
10:10-10:30        Daily 4 Literacy Stations (Round 4)
10:30-11:05        Mini-Lesson: Science/Social Studies/Recess?
11:10-11:30                Lunch
11:35-12:00             Math Mini-Lesson
12:00-1:05           Daily 4 Math Stations (15 minutes each group)
1:10-1:55                  Specials--Kids Split up between the other 5 classrooms:
                               Cox- Mikayla, Adrianne, Tristan, Blakely
                               Mosley- Janiyah, Laila, Onalee
                               Smith- Camila, Justin, Jamar
                               Turner- Caleigh, Cayden, Roman
                               Wilds- Elliott, Jaiden, Aaliyah, Nehemiah
1:55-2:15                 Pack Up / Dear Time / Restroom
2:15-2:45                Students Dismissed

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Wednesday's Schedule

7:15-7:50     Morning Work
8:00-8:40     Informational Writing
8:40-9:50     Centers
9:50-10:25   Lunch in Classroom  
10:30-11:30  Family Game Day in Media Center
11:30-12:00  Specials
12:20-  Dismissal

Parents you are welcome to drop in anytime after 10:30 to play games with us. Some of the kids asked if they could bring their own games, and I said "If your family member (mom, dad, Grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle or special friend) comes to play the game, they can bring it." I do not want the kids bringing in games and loosing pieces.

 I can't wait to see you guys tomorrow!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Monday, Dec 18th’s schedule:

We are down to our last 3 days of the first quarter! I spent a lot of time cleaning up Friday night from our painting experience. I also made new seat assignments and I can’t wait to see the kids reaction to new table groups Monday Morning!

    7:50- Pledges and announcements
    7:55- Spelling Test from Friday
    8:10- subtraction 5 min fast facts
    8:20- Math activity/addition and subtraction review
    10:00- Research Rotation with my mom. Momma G visit/craft and related laptop activity.
    11:10- Lunch
    11:40 finish Research Rotations
    12:10- MathBowl- Elliott was elected by our kids as this quarter’s representative in the 2nd vote.
    12:50- Recess weather permitting
    1:10- Specials
    2:15 Dismissal

1. Please have the kids on time (tardy bell is 7:50) we start work right away. Alot of kids are bringing cafeteria breakfast in at 7:50 which means we all are waiting to get the day started. Please try to drop of kids before 7:40 if they need breakfast.
2. Monday is last day to pay for PJ day Tuesday. $1 to be turned into Mrs. Nowlin, Monday Morning before 7:50.
3. For the Math Bowl election, we had a 5 way tie in first election Elliott, Adrianne, Cayden, Aaliyah and Nehemiah all had 2 nominations, all students were allowed to be selected that did not participate in the first quarter’s Math Bowl. Only way this could happen was by 5 kids selecting anyone but themselves. I love that they really thought about who would do well, or better than themselves anyway. It also showed me who felt they could win for the classroom.
4. Family Game Day will be Wednesday at 10:30 in Media Center. Schedule for Wednesday will be available Tuseday on Blog. This is a time of playing with the kids. We’ll have already eaten!
5. Attendance is very important. Please remember the following times:
      πŸ“ŒTardy bell- 7:50.  Cannot get perfect attendance if tardy.
      πŸ“ŒLast time of day counted presentif coming after dr appointment- 10:30 kids after this time not counted for being present more than half day. Goes on record and needs a dr excuse.
       πŸ“Œearliest time to check kids out and still be counted present for school day- 11:35
I mention this because some parents are wondering, others are checking friends out after 9, and not returning. The state counts kids absent for entire day if they not here more than 51% of learning time! That means breakfast time is not counted.

Monday, December 11, 2017

December Snow Days!

I hope today’s blog finds you warm and content. We were without power all weekend and Thrilled that it returned yesterday. As I’m looking at the next 7 school days, I thought it best to touch base with all of you. Homework went home on Friday. I am going to push the due date on it and Friday’s assessments to Monday. Please have the kids do 3 addition and 3 subtraction  problems each day.

In the mornings this week we will be working on county mandated assessments, such as DRAs, SRI, MRI and some of the kids will be retaking the Tenmarks 2nd Quarter assessment. It has 24 questions and a few kids finished in under 15 minutes. There is not much of a chance to grow from 1st time if they didn’t even pay attention to the questions. I would take me a minimum of 25 minutes to finish. All I need to see with each of these assessments is growth from August to now. You will receive the data on these assessments after the Winter Break in the Red Folder with the 2nd Report Card.

Tuesday, we have a family providing lunch for the class. They will be bringing Cheese Pizza. If your child does not care for cheese pizza, they will still have the opportunity to eat in the cafeteria, or bring lunch from the cafeteria back to the classroom to eat with us. Lunch from home kids are still allowed to bring their own if cheese pizza is not a favorite.

I hope you saw the homework packet. I am requesting that the kids bring in an old Adult sized T-shirt or button down shirt. We will be working on a following directions lesson that involves paint over a few days. Thanks for helping with this.

 Family Game Day will be on Wednesday the20th, from 10:30-11:30. We have specials at 11:30-12:00. The kids who leave for Target will be gone all day on Tuesday, as their teacher Mrs. Murff will be retiring and it will be her last day with them. For the Family Game Day, all you need to bring is yourself and a sense of competition! We will be in the Library!

I am sorry it’s a long post, but I hope I have answered any questions you might have circling in the back of your mind.