Sunday, May 18, 2014

Last week of School Reminders

We are closing in... Things to remember and other things that I learned from last year-

1. We still wear uniforms.

2. I have only gotten 3 envelopes with stamps and address for reportcards. We need everone else's...? 

3. Backpacks Monday Only!  (Not on Tuesday or Wednesday!)

4. Need permission slips for Tuesday's movie. If you lost it, please write a note giving permission. 

5. RSVP for Ice Cream Social! Only 2 parents have said they are coming on Wednesday to our Ice Cream Social.  I will only buy enough supplies for those who have said they are coming! If you don't RSVP then I won't have any Ice Cream for you! Please tell me how many people to expect. You cannot check out siblings from other classrooms and expect them to come to my room. This is for parents and my students (siblings not old enough for kindergarten are invited). This is not a day for cousins, aunts, uncles, neighbors, visitors from out of town...Celebrate with them later. 

6. Report Cards will be mailed on the 30th of May. Thats only 3 days to fux ASP fines, lunch dues and return books. They will keep the report cards in the front office if you do not send a stamped, self-addressed envelope, and if there are any books missing or financial holds. If you have the books, return  them or if not, pay for them. The Lunchroom still has free and reduced lunches but will give out cheese sandwiches to the other kids who owe money or have none on their account. 

I can't believe its almost over! I thank you all for a good year. I love your children and will miss spending quality time with them. 

Ms G