Friday, July 27, 2012

Getting Ready for 2nd Grade

2nd Grade...

I am now a teacher of 2nd Grade? Miss G in 2nd Grade?~ ~ LOL, I have to admit, this has been my thoughts from April until middle of June... and many of my former students are going to say it come the middle of August.

OK folks, its been a while since I've thought academically higher than kindergarten so I have been doing alot of studying, planning and praying for the upcoming school year. I have even began purchasing supplies for the upcoming year... :) as many of you know, that's how I roll! Plus its a good sign that I have embraced this 2nd Grade thing.

 SO, I have a plan in place that I think will be a success... so far so good. I have revisited some literature from Joliet, Grad school, and the many many trainings that I have been enrolled in. I have also purchased new books to refine my strategies in literature based teaching. Thanks to my pal Jayme, I have learned about the "Daily 5", which she says is very successful in her 2nd Grade classroom. 

Yesterday, with the help of  Kylie, Bishop and the Munoz family, I got the room mostly laid out and only have organization and things to hang on the walls left to do. That's a BIG DEAL for me. I really couldn't have done anything without their help as the doctor said absolutely no lifting heavy things... and we have very heavy book shelves.  I am happy to say that things are looking good for room F10.  (How weird that I am not on B hall anymore, even the kids remarked that they didn't feel normal walking down the "BIG KIDS" hallway.)

NOW, I can't wait for the year to start!

SEE you guys AUGUST 10th at Sneek-A-Peek!