Wednesday, April 29, 2015

No More Homework, coming SOON!

This is the last week of Spelling tests, and there will be no more official  Math homework. Spelling City just didn't make it this week, sorry.

Reading is an everyday expectation that should continue throughout the summer.  Monday you will recieve a flyer about the CCSD and Cobb Public Libraries Summer Reading Program, that officially begins Monday May 4th!  I think it'll be much easier to keep track of your summer reading. It will also allow Mr. Estell a better snapshot of what the students at HLES actually did reading-wise over the summer. In the past children who read over the summer turned something in to Mr. Estell and they would recieve a reward of some sort. Now all he has to do is pull a report off the scholastic website and each kid's effort is right there! That's pretty awesome right!? Typically, children lose 2-4 reading levels over the summer because of lack of practice, don't let your child fall into these statistics! We've worked so very hard to get the kids where they are right now, it always saddens me to see the "summer slide"!

Don't let your child be part of that group! Let's start May off right and log in 20-30 minutes of reading every day beginning May 4th!

Here are pictures from today of our plant life cycle unit! Thanks to all of the parents who helped out! I amalso including pictures of our class pets, 3 butterflies have emerged from their chrysilis! 

Peanut plants

Random assortment of seeds. 

Baby lima beans


Look close to top of habitat 3 empty chrysili and 3 still in metamorphosis. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Homework April 27

1. activities need to be finished by Friday AM.

2. Complete the following math problems.

714 + 189=

931 - 469=

56 + 45 + 39 + 26=

Make as many arrays as you can with the numbers 9 and 10. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Cool science day!

Today we acted like archeologists and uncovered the roots of our peanuts! Here are some pictures that Matthew took while we were playing in the dirt!

Have a great weekend! 
Peace & Love,
Ms G

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday's Homework

1.    Read 20 minutes

2.   Spellingcity activities need to be complete by Friday 24th.

3.  Math:

***813 + 582 =
       813 - 582  =
34 + 34 + 34 +34 =

4.  Arrays:  list all the ways the following numbers make an array.



example: 6=   1 r X 6 c= 6
                      2 r X 3 c = 6
                      3 r X 2 c = 6
                      6 r X 1 c = 6

             1    2    3   4    5    6 columns
1 row= @  @  @  @  @  @         1 r x 6 c = 6 in all

             1    2    3   columns
1 row= &   &   &      
2 rows  &   &   &            2 r x 3 c = 6 in all      

             1    2    columns
 1 row   *   *         
2 rows   *   *                   
3 rows   *   *        3 r x 2 c = 6 in all          

               1  column
1 row     %     
2 rows    %  
3 rows    % 
4 rows    %
5 rows    %
6 rows    %      6 r x 1 c = 6 in all      

Fieldtrip attire and other reminders

Please have the kids dressed as follows: 

Boys: jeans or khakis or navy blue pants or shorts, yellow cheetah t-shirt, HLES Christmas sweatshirt, sneakers

Girls: sneakers (no sandles, & no boots), pants, shorts or skorts in jean material or khakis or navy cotton, yellow cheetah t-shirt, HLES Christmas sweatshirt.

Please make sure everthing for lunches fits in a gallon ziplock baggie. Also, everything needs to be disposable:
Plastic spoons, forks, disposable bowls and napkins! I will be busy and not responsible for misplaced lunch items. 

Miss G

Monday, April 20, 2015

Homework Monday, April 20

1.    Read 20 minutes

2.   Spellingcity activities need to be complete by Friday 24th.

3.  Math:

627 + 342=

627 - 342 =

24 + 24 + 24 + 24+ 24=

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Field Trip Wednesday!!!

I need to know by Tuesday who needs a school lunch. I am pasting the note that needs to be turned in (again by TUESDAY) telling the lunch ladies which lunch your child needs. I want to remind you that we have students with Peanut Allergies, so please keep that in mind when you plan the lunches for Tuesday. Please Print and send the form in if you want your child to eat a school lunch, or text me or reply at the bottom of the post that your child will be bringing lunch from home. Thanks Guys!

TEACHERS NAME:_______________________
STUDENTS NAME:_______________________

Please Check below if your child will bring their own lunch OR one choice from each category below:


___Ham & cheese
___Cheese ONLY

___Peanut butter and Jelly w/ cheese stick



Thank you, 
Ms G

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Planting= Awesome day!

This week we've been talking a lot about the life cycle of seeds, fungi, plants and what they need to survive.  You guys helped out listening to the kids read their vocabulary cards. Thats a great "study skill" to start using as we are reading to learn and remember. I hoe you encourage the kids to usethat strategy often. 

Teaching experiments and capturing the kids joy on camera is very challenging. I managed to get a few shots today. The kids created "How to" writing assignments today while planting seeds.  

Oh yeah! Thanks to the following families for supplying us with the materials:
Evans family, weeden Family, washington Family, Thomas family and the Roberson family. 

We really appreciate getting to learn by reading and especially by doitng! 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wednesday's Homework April 15

Write a paragragh (6+ sentences including an introduction sentence and closing sentence) about today's science experiments. It can be all factual (non-fiction) or be opinon!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tuesday's Homework, April 14th

1. Read your science cards to 3 people and ask them to initial them.
-sprout      -fungi     -roots    -fruit
-flower     - stem     -seed  

2. complete the 6 activities by April 17th. There will be no time during the class time.

3. math practice

*** 916 + 587= 

*** 683 + 439=
916 - 587=

683 - 439=

27 + 49 + 19 + 72 =

Monday, April 13, 2015

New schedule for next 2 weeks

With the Ga Milestones test for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders starting Wednesday, our schedule has made some changes. These are only temporary and I will let you know when it changes again. Please do not schedule appointments during the school day.

7:15-7:55 morning work
8:00- 8:35 whole group language arts/writing
8:40-10:20 literacy centers
10:30- 11:00 Specials
11:00- 11:20 Recess/brain breaks depending on weather
11:20-11:50  lunch (no change!)
12:00-12:30 science
12:30- 12:45 whole group math
12:45- 2:00 math centers
2:00-2:15 clean up and dismissal

Also keep in mind next Wednesday is our field trip. If you haven't paid, please submit the entrance/ticket cost ASAP. 

Monday's homework, April 13, 2015

Please complete for Tuesday's class review: 

1. ***932 + 868 =

2. 932 - 868 =

3.  ***873 + 415 = 

4. 873 - 415 =

5.  24 + 71 + 97 + 62 = complete the 6 activities for  April 13, 2015 by April 17th. There will be no time during the class time.

We had a few friens read alot over spring break using RAZ-Kids. The goal discussed was a hour! The kids who surpaased the hour were:
Aiden Amirah, Craig, Daniel, Maya, Reagan

Friday, April 10, 2015

Foundation Fundraiser tonight!

Hope to see you there! 



Come out and enjoy the Fun with your Friends and Family



On FRIDAY, APRIL 10th (during SPRING BREAK), from 3:00pm-9:00pm, Chuck E Cheese on Cumberland Blvd behind Cumberland Mall will host our first fund raising night!!!!

It is so easy and FUN, simply visit Chuck E Cheese during the hours above, buy food/tokens/etc. from the cash register, and they will donate 15% of ALL earnings to the HLES Foundation.


Teachers/staff eat for free with a school ID.


Please be sure and make all purchases (including just tokens) from the actual cash registers. Token machines will not count. And coupons will be valid! Also, it is OUR responsibility to let the register worker know we are with Harmony Leland Elementary School!   We will send home flyers with a sticker for 10 free tokens! I hope you all can participate. Tell your friends!


Friday, April 3, 2015

Happy Spring Break!!!

Just wanted to let you know a few things before most of you get away! 

1. We have 6 friends who have not paid for the Fernbank Admission. There are many in the other classes who haven't paid as well. Anyone interested in sponsoring a student so we can enjoy the experience?

2. There is a letter and payment envelope in the blue folders for the class book of Fables that will be sent to the publisher April 18th. Payments must be made by April 17th if you want a book (or 4) because its a pay first kinda of deal! I am including a picture if last year's book! It is very similar. 

3. Homework is read on Raz-Kids, iStation (if you know how to log-in) and play as much as they  can! 

4. Happy Easter and Passover! See you guys April 13th!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tuesday, April 2nd

1.  726 + 583=

2.  726 - 583=

3. 614 + 372=

4. 614 - 372=

5.  47 + 81 + 97 + 72=

6. 64 + 58 + 82 + 77=

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wednesday, April 1st homework

Complete and bring in the following math problems;

1. 58 + 57 + 83 + 46 + 31 = 

2. 141 + 78  + 59 + 86 = 

3. 682+ 195=

4. 682 - 195=

5. 809 + 674 =

6. 809 - 674 =

Wrate a paragragh (7+ sentences) explaining why its important to behave at school.

Read for 20 minutes.