Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Number line addition

We are working hard to learn adding on a number line. Look at what some of our friends can do by clicking on the link!

If you want to come in and learn how to add using a number line we do math at 8 a.m.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Teacher of the year!

I want to publicly thank my family and coworkers for celebrating my achievement of Teacher of the Year! I was honored today with the other teacher of the years from the schools of Cobb County. Dr Simmons-Deveaux, "Mr. David", my mom and my dad joined me for breakfast and the peprally. I was also blessed to have Mrs. Brown and some of my former students there to cheer me on at the peprally. Thank you for always supporting me.

Th kids getting all jazzed up before the peprally with the band.

While we waited to walk in, I was honoured to take a picture with my former student teacher, Autumn Martin who also earned the award for her school! 

Teachers walking in.

I was number 45, the kids had a long wait just to see me!

I was happy to find them in the crowd!

Then I recieved my plaque from the Superintendent of Schools. 

Afterwards, I got pictures with everyone! 

Momma G and Pappa G

Dr. Simmons-Deveaux and David. 

Friday, October 23, 2015

October 23, 2015

Thanks to all of the parents that made it to the conferences. I feel like all of them were pretty positive, and that you as parents are seeing everything that I am seeing.

Keep in mind that reading everyday is the most important thing that your child can do to enhance their academic growth.

Pictures are going home today, please check folders and clean them out.

New homework will be going home next week. I am returning to my old routines and think the kids will be better off as well.

I promise to make more posts.