Friday, November 20, 2015

Science Experiment Friday!

 We had so much fun today! First the kids helped me teach Math to Mrs. Smith's class. Then we learned about changing properties of matter using energy, otherwise known as "let's make cupcakes!" After lunch we split up into  centers, working on force, motion and a little bit of properties of matter. Look at the pictures and check out how hard we worked. 

 I hope you guys have a blessed holiday and Happy Thanksgiving! Oh yeah, don't forget there is homework! 

    Cupcake: mixing solids into a liquid wit a little bit of water! 

Simple ingrediants can make the most fun science experiments! 

Oh No, a few of rhem were too liquidy! I had to make a few kids a new science project! 

 Who knew lids and yard sticks could be so much fun! Why do we spend so much on presents?!?!?

They loved the computer center, it gave them a break from all the hard work! 
Playdough is always a good time! 

Who's puffer works best? Its not that easy blowing cotton ball sheep! Just as Leah! 
How many puffs did it take you, Leah? 

 Hey Sydney? Was blowing the hotwheels on the track as easy as you thought it would be?!?

Boy am I tired, but what a fun day!