Friday, November 22, 2013

Examples of next family project

The class last year had a different assignment for November. They had to compare 3 Native American Celebrations with 3 for their own families celebrations. This year is much easier because it more broad of a topic. Compare 3 things from the Creek or Cherokee tribes with how we are today... Some of our food is the same yet the didn't have pizza and fried chicken... Our clothing is also very different. They used shells and stones to decorate their clothes. The didn't have buttons or zippers. You can use pictures from the internet, magazines or have the kids draw their own. Sometimes as grown-ups we make it way too hard. Have fun with this project, its due the Monday after Thanksgiving... Dec 2nd.

Subtraction with friendly numbers using the number line

The common core way to teach math is throwing a lot of you parents and grandparents for a tail spin. Thanks to the parents who have stopped in for a lesson on our current strategy of 3-digit subtraction using a number line. To those who haven't made it, I hope you can stop in soon! I also wanted to let you know that Mr Estell recorded me teaching a lesson and he will be putting it up on the school's web page soon, with a copy of the worksheet used in the lesson.Lesson with Ms GThink Math

Direct Instruction Lesson with worksheet